Following Yeshua...Celebrating the Feasts of Adonai
Subtitle: A Dinner Table Guide for the Festivals by Pari Johnson

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Water of our Heritage

Christianity did not spring forth from a vacuum. It came from the rich religious traditions and culture of ancient Israel. Long ago, the Christian church divorced itself from its ties with Biblical Judaism causing many scriptures to be wrongly interpreted. As Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) begin to explore their Hebraic heritage, whole passages of Scripture will give deeper meaning and serve as doors to new spiritual insights. This website is dedicated to helping Christians in their endeavor to learn and live the life that Yehovah intended for Believers in Yeshua.

Water of the Jewish/Hebrew Perspective

The early church was a Jewish church. It had its headquarters in the Jewish capital and was presided over by Jewish leaders. It was from this "Jewish/Hebrew" perspective that the "church" began to reach out to the world of Jews and Gentiles. It was as if Judaism had been uniquely tailored by Yeshua and the apostles to be made "attractive" to the Gentiles. They would now be able to receive the Hebrew Scriptures, to heed the Jewish prophets and to sing the Jewish Psalms.

Paul encouraged non-Jewish Believers to collect funds for the needy in Jerusalem (1 Cor 16:2-4); he referred difficult doctrinal decisions to the Jewish elders in Jerusalem (Acts 15:2). He even gave the Gentile church an example of keeping Jewish feasts in Jerusalem (Acts 20:16)! Paul ministered among the Gentiles and stressed the importance of keeping the right attitude toward Israel and the Jewish people. It was to be an attitude of humility, mercy and kindness (Rom 11:20&31)." Clarence Wagner, Bridges for Peace, Is wasn't long before outside and inside forces worked on the early church to bring the deep rift we still experience today. It is sad that the church did not heed Paul's warning to stand in awe and not dare to spoil the beautiful relationship the Jewish and Gentile believers were to have.

There is a movement of God's spirit that is causing more and more believers to seek out their natural heritage, to mend the rift and to seek the Hebraic way of worship and life.

Water of Messianic Judaism

Messianic Judaism is a religious movement whose adherents believe that Jesus of Nazareth, whom they call Yeshua, is both the resurrected Jewish Messiah and their Divine Savior. Messianic congregations are usually comprised of both Jews and non-Jews who meet together for worship and fellowship. Most often, the style of worship incorporates many Jewish tradtions with a goal toward living a Biblical lifestyle.

More about Messianic Judaism

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