It is September of 2013. I have been lead to a new awareness of the importance of following Yehovah's biblical calendar rather than the rabbic calendar.

I am thankful to Nehemia Gordon and Pastor Keith Johnson for their teachings on this subject. Read about the New Moon on the Karaite Korner.

Pastor Keith has a TV series on the Christian channels entitled 'Time Will Tell' that explains about following 'God's Clock' rather than the rabbinical clock. The series are also available on Keith's website.

There are a lot of YouTube videos of these two men for those who care to 'dig deeper'. See the Resourses page for their books.

Another 'voice in the wilderness' comes from the Israel Today Magazine in their article published on the web September 2013 : COMMENTARY: Prophetic Timing of Israel's Victory, a most unlikely title for an article about following 'God's Clock'!

What is the 'New Moon'?