Eighth of Nisan  7 days until Passover begins

        This first day of our 'Countdown' marks the day that Yeshua arrived in Bethany and had dinner with Lazarus (the one who had died and Yeshua raised from the dead) and his sisters.

        Find out what else happened during the meal by reading about it in the Gospel of John, chapter 12. 

        Yeshua was on his way to Jerusalem for Passover for the last time, to die for our sins as foretold in the Scriptures.

        Want to do a little digging yourself?  Then try these out:
*For a point of reference: Find Bethany on a map in your Bible.
*How many days was it until Passover, according to John 12:1?

        You can look up Bible verses on line at Crosswalk.com. If you scroll down the list of translations to Modern Translations, you will find David Sterns The Complete Jewish Bible.




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