Tenth of Nisan  5 days until Passover

CssTemplatesWeb.com        The 10th of Nisan....A very important day in the week leading up to Passover. The Passover Lamb is chosen.

        This is the day that each family hand-picked their sacrificial lamb and brought it into their home so they could spend the next four days scrutinizing it in order to verify that it met the qualifications for the Passover sacrifice.  What were those qualifications?  Have a look at Exodus 12:1-6

        As the families inspected their lambs for imperfections, it showed them that they were imperfect and sinners....that they needed a perfect sacrifice to take their place.

What did Yeshua do?

        Look….who’s that…riding on a donkey, coming down that steep pathway of the Mount of Olives?  CssTemplatesWeb.comI see a huge crowd of people laying down their coats and palm branches in front of Him.   Why, its none other than the One who is known by the Name Above All Other Names!

That’s right, today, the 10th of Nisan, is none other than ‘Palm Sunday’.

        As Yeshua rode into Jerusalem from Bethany on that young donkey, He was presenting Himself for a final four-day inspection as God’s perfect lamb (Mark 11:1-11). 

        What was it that John the Baptist said?  (John 1:29)




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