Eleventh of Nisan  4 days until Passover

What did Yeshua do?
        This day, Yeshua and his disciples left Bethany and returned to Jerusalem.   After walking for a while, Yeshua got hungry.   Maybe He had skipped breakfast or it was lunch time or He just wanted a snack.  Walking can make a person hungry and thirsty.

CssTemplatesWeb.com        There, ahead of them, was a fig tree with leaves on it.    "Let’s have some figs", He may have said to His disciples.  True, it was too early in the season for figs, but the leaves were a sure sign there would be pag. It is not literally a fruit but a bud and it is edible. Pag appear at the same time as the leaves. Without pag there will be no fruit later!

        Yshua comes upon the fig tree early in the spring expecting at least pag because he saw the leaves. There is no pag, thus there would be no fruit later.

(From: "the lesson of the fig" by Cheryl Hauer, Dispatch from Jerusalem, April 2009, Bridges for Peace.)

         There is something VERY wrong with this tree!

        WHAT? No figs?  How disappointing.   So, Yeshua tells the tree, "May no one ever eat fruit from you again." As if to say, ‘I don’t want you fooling anyone else ever again.' His disciples heard that and took notice. It probably seemed a bit strange to them to ‘curse a tree’. (Mark 11:12-14)

        The group continues on to Jerusalem and goes straight to the Temple.  Yeshua has some work to do.  First, He had to cleanse the Temple.  Then, He began to teach.   As usual, not everyone liked what He had to say, especially 'The Spiritual Leaders'.

        In the evening, He and His disciples left the city, perhaps returning to Bethany, just a 'short' walk of two miles, although it would involve walking either around or over the Mt of Olives.  (Mark 11:15-19)




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