Thirteenth of Nisan  2 days until Passover

BIBLICAL LAW: To remove all yeast and leaven out of the home before Passover and to eat Matzah everyday from Passover, and for the week following called the Feast of Unleavened Bread - Exodus 12:15, 18-20

        In obedience to this teaching in the Bible, Traditional Judaism has declared that all leaven be removed from the home by tonight.  All week long, women have been cleaning their homes from top to bottom to rid the place of any crumb of bread, and speck of leaven.  Guess where "Spring Cleaning"  came from?  Plus, they have begun preparations for the Passover Seder coming up tomorrow night.  There’s the horseradish, the matzah, food for the meal and so much more to get ready.

        Note:  There are different views about what constitutes 'chametz' (leaven). It is yeast for sure and baking powder. Most breads contain yeast, which works by fermenting sugar, in turn produces carbon dioxide.  If possible remove the products with 'chametz' from your house today.

        Pari's Note: During the next week don't eat any products with yeast or baking powder in them. DO eat matzah everyday, that is, unleavened bread.  My homemade matzah is r-e-a-l-l-y good.  (See recipe) 

        Picking up the story of Yeshua's last week with His disciples before His crucification.

What did Yeshua do?

        Today, Yeshua predicts that in two days he will be handed over to be crucified.  And, sure enough, the spiritual leaders begin to plot how to have Him killed.  Matthew 26: 1-5

        Meanwhile, we find Yeshua and Co'  at Bethany once again, but in the home of Simon the leper.  A woman comes to Yeshua and pours perfume on Him to prepare Him for burial.

        Wow….what a shock that must have been to the disciples.  Yes, He had been telling his followers what was going to happen to Him, but still…being prepared for burial while He is still alive??  It was enough to push one in the group over the edge.  Judas Iscariot decides that he will help Him with His ‘death wish' and make a little money in the process.  He goes to the religious leaders and makes a deal with them. Mat 26:6-16

        I believe that not only did this fulfill prophecy, but that Judas did it because he got disillusioned.... his idea of the Messiah was someone who would come, defeat the Romans, take back their country and become King of Israel.   Now,  he saw his 'picture' of the Messiah was dashed.

        I wonder how many of us have had the wrong ideas about the Messiah?   Its not WWJD (What would Jesus do?) but WDJD: What DID Jesus do?  Just think: He celebrated Passover every year since He was born here on a child, a teen and a grown man.

        Chametz (leaven) in the Bible, for the most part, is not a good thing.  It is a picture of sin.  Chametz in our lives is not a good thing, either.   As we approach this season of Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread ask the Lord to reveal to each of us chametz in our lives.




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