Fourteenth of Nisan  Day of Seder

        In the World of Traditional Judaism, today is the "Fast of the Firstborn".  This fast commemorates the salvation of the Israelite firstborns during the Plague of the Firstborn (the tenth of the ten plagues wrought upon Ancient Egypt prior to the Exodus of the Children of Israel) according to Exodus 12:29.  Unlike most Jewish fast days, only firstborns are required to fast on the Fast of the Firstborn.

What did Yeshua do?         Its morning and Yeshua and His disciples are on the road again going back to Jerusalem.  As they walk along, they pass by the fig tree of yesterday.  It is all withered from the roots up.

"Rabbi, look, the tree which you cursed has withered."

        Yeshua turns this into an opportunity to teach about the importance of having faith in God when praying.  (Mark 11:20-26)

For more background reading, see Tim Hegg's notes about Yeshua's last seder: Pesach/Passover.



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