Lag B'Omer  

        For those who are 'Counting the Omer', the 33rd day of the count is a special day in the cycle. It is called Lag B'Omer, which is shorthand for saying the thirty-third day of the Omer. On the Hebrew calendar it is the 18th day of the month of Iyyar.

        There are a number of traditions associated with Lag B'Omer in modern Israel & the rest of the world, such as bonfires.         It is a holiday in Israel and families go on picnics and outings. Hundreds of weddings are held in Israel on this day, which adds to the festivities. It is customary to give a young Orthodox boy his first haircut on this day. It is a very happy day, time for dancing and singing.

        See a video of Hasidic Jews at Kiryas Joel, New York, celebrating at a Lag B'Omer bonfire. A very joyous occassion.

         We began 'counting up' to Pentecost (Shavuot) after Passover to help us count the days from the barley harvest to the wheat harvest, some 49 days, as was originally commanded in Lev 23:9-14. The fiftieth day is the Biblical festival of Shavuot. I've enjoyed each day's reading as it reminds me to see each day as unique.

        For believers in Yeshua, this time of counting the Omer reminds us of His resurrection and His days here on earth after His resurrection.

        Read more about the history & traditions of the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, (and why the bonfires) at Time and