I like to cook Jewish foods for the different holidays.
So, over time I have found some good favorites.
And, over time, I'll put them here.






Jewish cook books I use and recommend:

Recipes I've used

  • Cholent
    24 hour Jewish stew; so easy and good for a hot shabbat meal
  • Vegie Blintzes for Shavuot
    Looking for an alternative to sweet cheese blintzes that go well with meat, chicken or fish? I served these for Shavuot '09 and they were a big hit. An experiment that went well!

  • Erev Shabbat Salad
    Lemon juice in the dressing gives this a 'twist' of a taste. Its a good salad to make ahead, then hold until time to serve.

  • Bavarian Pot Roast
    Not your ordinary 'american style' pot roast. Good for a 'change of pace'. Very 'Jewish' with a unique combination of spices.

  • Garlic & Cumin Carrots
    A completely different taste!

  • Challah Bread
    A simple recipe using a bread machine. Scroll down to Page 2 to read an explanation of "Why Challah Bread?".
    Make up extra loaves and freeze them. One batch can make 4 small loaves. The small loaves are just right for 2-3 people. We like the smaller loaves so we don't have left-overs. Some people like to use left overs for french toast or bread pudding.

  • Latkes
    Jewish Potato Pancakes are the quintessential food for Chanukah. This is the easiest recipe I've found.

  • Eggplant Salad
    A yummy eggplant salad. Worth the extra work. The vinegars give it a nice 'zing'.

  • Homemade Matzah
    I first made these when I couldn't find any matzah in the local grocery stores. They are worth making even if you CAN buy the 'hard tack'.